Harnessing the power of digital platforms to enable hundreds of millions of children to learn


% of primary-age children who will reach a basic standard of learning.

Every second child in the world is not learning basic maths and reading (source).

While most of these children attend school, low-skilled teachers and inadequate learning resources mean they leave the education system empty-handed.

This Global Learning Crisis disproportionately affects low-income countries, preventing hundreds of millions of children from achieving their potential.


Driven by the mission to provide quality education for all children in the developing world, EIDU has been building its revolutionary learning platform since 2015. 

EIDU has found a solution that tackles one of the biggest global problems.

Innovative learning platform

How it works.

  • CP – Providing learning content from leading global providers to children and teachers using low-cost smartphones
  • M – Measuring learning progress of each child in real time directly in the app with standardized, internationally recognized tests
  • AN – Determining optimal, personalized learning paths and content using machine learning
  • Arrows –Revolutionizing learning through a virtuous circle of continual optimization based on the measured learning data

Solution optimized for scale

<$3 / child / year

in operating expenses, incl. hardware


students in activated schools across Africa today (TBD)


students in activated schools by 2021

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