EIDU’s team is a diverse team of talented individuals bound together
by a powerful mission to bridge the global opportunities gap:


EIDU’s team is a diverse team of talented individuals bound together
by a powerful mission to bridge the global opportunities gap.

"When I am in Kenya, it’s so rewarding to see the smiles of our teachers and their students, seeing the positive impact of what I develop at the schools. Even better, I have the space to learn and apply modern product and innovation methodologies to tackle the tough educational challenges."

Maxmilian Brehm, Position
Nairobi Hub

“Working for EIDU is not just another job. It is doing something we love to do. It is a joy dealing with teachers everyday and hearing how the EIDU program has transformed the lives of the learners and made work easier for the teachers.”

Rose Cheche, Customer Service Team Lead
Nairobi Hub

At EIDU, we are working every day to untangle some of the biggest challenges in emerging markets. You will use your skills to work on problems that matter, and work with people who really care. Together, we will improve education for the most underprivileged children in the world.


Team with decades of experience building highly innovative and successful software companies.

Healthcare & all-inclusive equity: 100% of company will be given to employees

Open culture emphasizing autonomy, flexibility, collaboration and place of work.

Field trips, monthly team building events, weekly team lunches & extended work stays.

Result-oriented scrum projects which employ agile principles on all levels.


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Our office is located in the historical “Berliner Dom” in Berlin-Mitte. We need a bit more text to align with right side.

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Join our full stack development team, where you will work alongside cloud engineers, machine learning experts, and senior software engineers.

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Centrally located Westlands office with a kitchen, backyard, bean bag chairs & patio workspace

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We are hiring a customer success expert, software developers, and customer service experts to add to our robust local team.

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[services_large title=”Senior Software Engineer” icon=”linea-basic-case” circle_color=”” border_color=”” box_background_color=”#ffffff”][/services_large][services_large title=”Front-End Developer Berlin” icon=”linea-basic-share” circle_color=”” border_color=”” box_background_color=”#ffffff”][/services_large]
[services_large title=”Front-End Developer Nairobi” icon=”linea-basic-map” circle_color=”” border_color=”” box_background_color=”#ffffff”][/services_large][services_large title=”Engineer Development” icon=”linea-basic-book-pencil” circle_color=”” border_color=”” box_background_color=”#ffffff”][/services_large]
[services_large title=”Business Development Internship ” icon=”linea-basic-share” circle_color=”” border_color=”” box_background_color=”#ffffff”][/services_large]


EIDU has offices in Berlin, Germany and Nairobi, Kenya. We are happy to help with paperwork upon relocation to Berlin or Nairobi if needed.

If you feel strong resonance with our mission and think you can make a significant contribution, please send an email to join@eidu.com. We look forward to hearing from you, and working together on an exciting chance to make a global change.