Data and continuous assessment are essential for EIDU but so is the voice of those benefiting and implementing our solution on the ground. Every day thousands of students and teachers are being impacted by this joint work with local governments. 

“I received training to use EIDU in July 2021, and I have been using EIDU devices in class since September 2021. I’m a fan of digital solutions in education, so I’m really excited to be using EIDU in my classroom. I’m not the only one; my students also love it, and it’s not uncommon for them to try and spend some time in our EIDU corner even when it isn’t their turn. There are weeks when my class reaches up to 20 hours of usage! The students have really embraced EIDU, and I have not had any difficulty either with incorporating it into my teaching routine. I’ve enjoyed working with the EIDU team too, they’re lovely and I admire them very much.”

Munme Hamdun

Munme Hamdun – Pre-primary teacher

Mombasa County, Kenya

“EIDU offers a unique programme. We want to move away from the old way of doing things and embrace technology. If we work in partnership with EIDU in Kenya, I am very sure we are going to get an empowered society.”

Scolastica Tuwei

Scolastica Tuwei County Executive Committee Member for Education

Nandi County, Kenya

“This is a program which needs to be implemented yesterday. For those counties that would like to enter into digital learning, this is a very good platform which they can embrace, so that going forward, our learners can benefit from this system of learning.”

Elijah Obwori_

Elijah Obwori – County Executive Committee Member for Education

Kisii County, Kenya

“As ECD (Early Childhood Development) Coordinator in Mombasa County, my main activities are curriculum implementation and teacher support. I’ve been working with EIDU since 2021, and since April 2022 I’ve been on the Tayari project. When EIDU came, we were thoroughly onboarded and given specific training for Tayari. Now, we train teachers and continue to visit them regularly to see how they’re faring and provide them with guidance. Since we started working with EIDU, I’m much better at giving teachers feedback, because I can give them more concrete advice. We go to schools much more often and actually collect feedback from teachers. I would say EIDU is the best I’ve seen in terms of improving basic reading and math for pre-primary children.”

Evans Chandai_

Evans Chandai – ECD Coordinator

Mombasa County, Kenya